Trishuli Rafting

Nepal is one of the better places in the world for rafting and kayaking, with mountain scenery that has drawn trekkers as well as climbers for many years. These same mountains offer an unbelievable diversity of whitewater challenges for paddlers. A sequence of exceptional river trips are found here, and you, too, can experience these rapids on a day trip from Kathmandu to the Trishuli River.The Trishuli River is a popular destination due to its proximity to Kathmandu and its easy road access. On this tour, you will set out for your journey in the early morning, arriving in Charaundi, the put-in point for river rafting. Before beginning, you will receive guidance from an experienced guide about general information regarding the trip. Then begin the rafting trip from Charaundi to Kurintar. It can be best classified as having 2 to 3 grade rapids.Enjoy your lunch on a beach of the Trishuli River, an area that features sculptured boulders. After your activity, you will enjoy a home-cooked-style lunch on a beach of the Trishuli River.At the end of your trip, tour staff will drop you off at your bus stop or car. 

Outline Itinerary
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