General Informations

Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal and it is in Karnali zone situated at an altitude of 2990 m, Lake Covers an area of 10.8 sq.km. Rara Lake is the 5km long and 3 Km wide. The maximum depth of this lake is 167 m. The lake is surrounded by richly forested hills and chuchemara Danda at 4087 meters is the best vantage point to witness stunning views of the lake and the thickly forested hill sides and the snow-capped peaks around it. Other summits in the park area are Ruma Kand at 3,731 meters and Malika Kand at 3,444 meters which are situated to the north of the lake. The trek to Rara Lake begins at Jumla, a village in the Trans-Himalayan area and the rides covered with forests and alpine pastures. For domestic traveler Rara Lake tour is must visit tour destination in Nepal. During this trip you can get the untouched cultural inhabitant and magnificent natural beauty. Best season for this tour is end of the winter and spring. During this season we can get the stunning view as well as snowy environment in Rara Lake.

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